What Merlin brought from Ireland

Arthurian legend claims that King Ambrosius Aurelianus wanted to erect a monument to the nobles that had died in battle with the Saxons. He asked for the advice of Merlin, who told him of some healing stones in Ireland that had been taken there by giants all the way from Africa. The King sent Merlin and Uther Pendragon (Arthur´s father) together with an army of knights to bring the stones to Britain and, thus, Stonehenge was built. Today, there is still no agreement as to what this 5000 year old Neolithic monument was built for, though it could have been a cemetery, a place of worship or even a place of healing - I will stick with the Arthurian legend. Take a bus to Amesbury, from there walk 2 miles to the site and once you arrive lose yourself in the mists of time.

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