The Beatles in ...Claudio Coello Road

Many of you may be thinking that I have made a mistake in the title of the post and that I surely meant Abbey Road. Not quite. The Carlos de Amberes Foundation in Madrid (Claudio Coello Street) is the venue for an exhibition of Beatles memorabilia in the private collection of Carlos D. Chardí. To be honest, I expected much more, but if you are in the area and grew up with The Fab Four, it may be worth it just to take you back briefly to the swinging 60s.

Spanish records

Going native


Wonder what St. Andrew would have thought

Yellow submarine


Lima to Asia in one hour

No, we have not tested the next supersonic jet. The Asia we are referring to here is, in fact, about 100 Kms. south of Lima. This is the Peruvian equivalent of The Hamptons, where the affluent have their summer beach houses and a shopping and entertainment centre called Boulevard Asia, to be able to stock up on all the necessities of modern life, and mingle with the same people you normally mingle with in Lima during the rest of the year.


"Shaken, not stirred"...and with chicken

I just can´t imagine James Bond eating chicken and washing it down with a martini but, if he did, he would definitely do it at La Granja Azul, just outside Lima. This popular restaurant has been around for over 50 years and is a popular venue for celebrations. The menu is simple and one of the most popular choices is composed of: anticucho (grilled beef heart and chicken liver) and all the chicken you can eat, washed down with huge cocktails. Better not to drive there!


The bar

In case you forgot your wallet

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