Your mobile phone whilst abroad
- If someone leaves a message in your voicemail whilst you are travelling you get charged at roaming tariffs. Good idea to deactivate your voicemail before you start on a foreign trip.

- Lay out everything you want to take and then disregard half of it.

Free airline upgrades
- I have been fortunate to have been upgraded a couple of times, without asking, and on long-haul flights. I think it does help if you are a member of the airlines fidelity scheme, that you are dresssed more or less smartly and that economy is overbooked. However, free upgrades may be a thing of the past. Iberia, for example, is now (December, 2012) offering to sell you upgrades when you buy a standard fare ticket and you are a member of their fidelity scheme. They offer it at a discount so one is tempted to accept rather than wait on the off-chance that you may be upgraded on the day.

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