Miami vice in Montevideo

Before anyone jumps to the wrong conclusion, the title of this entry refers to the fact that part of the film Miami Vice (2006) was shot on location in Montevideo and Punta del Este in Uruguay . In reality, Montevideo is considered as one of the safest cities in Latin America and it is very enjoyable to walk through Ciudad Vieja, have lunch in Mercado del Puerto and afterwards walk along the beaches of La Rambla, facing the River Plate.
Montevideo is relatively small and most of the sights can be seen in one day: the Cathedral, Palacio Salvo and Monument to Artigas in Plaza Independencia, Puerta de la Ciudadela  and Peatonal Sarandi.
A good choice to stay in Montevideo was the Sheraton, overlooking the River Plate. Unfortunately, it closed in 2021.
For elegant lunching or dining with great views of Montevideo, Restaurante Arcadia on the 25th floor of the Radisson Montevideo Victoria Plaza Hotel and for great fish La Posada Don Tiburón in Mercado del Puerto. For a more intimate atmosphere in what was once a Jesuit convent, La Silenciosa (Ituzaingó, 1430.  Tel: 915 9409) in Ciudad Vieja.

Art Deco in Plaza Independencia

La Rambla

Monument to Artigas - Plaza Independencia

Palacio Salvo - Plaza Independencia

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