City of eternal spring

With an average year-round temperature of 19 ºC, Trujillo in northern Peru can well call itself the city of eternal spring. Trujillo was the first city in Peru to declare its independence from Spain in 1820 and today, the city is host to quite a number of cultural events including the very popular Marinera festival, the Marinera being a typical Peruvian dance. Most of the sights are close to the Plaza de Armas where you will find the Cathedral and some very fine examples of colonial houses. The Hotel Libertador can also be found in one of the corners of the square and it is a good option for your stay in Trujillo.
Just 5 Kms north of Trujillo, you cannot miss the citadel of Chan Chan, the ancient capital of the Chimú Kingdom and the world's largest city built with adobe. Further north, around 8 more Kms, you come to Huanchaco beach, a surfers paradise and some would say where an ancient form of surfing started 3000 years ago when the fishermen here began to use watercrafts made of reed, known as Caballitos de totora.  Another archaeological site worth visiting is about 5 Kms south of Trujillo, Huaca del Sol and Huaca de la Luna, the political and ceremonial centres respectively of the Mochica culture.

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