Blogger error messages and (maybe) a solution

For the past couple of weeks I have been having problems when trying to edit entries in my blog. Yesterday, I realised that some of the links I had in one of my entries were not working. I found that the HTML was wrong, though it had been right before, so I corrected and tried to save. I began to get the, by now familiar, bX error messages, plus another saying that my explorer (IE8) was no longer compatible with blogger. I could not find a solution in Blogger or anywhere else, so I did the following:
- Installed Chrome. Nothing happened still didn´t work.
- Changed the template to one of the ones supplied by Blogger. I had an imported design. Still nothing happened.
- When I decided to go back to my old template I went back to the classic Blogger view, since it has an option to import a template, something that I haven´t found in the new Blogger interface.
- Once I did that, I just stayed with the old interface and tried to edit my entry again. This time, the error message was clear: I had too many label entries and the entry would not save. I just eliminated some of the labels and it worked!!!
It seems that you can only add a maximum of 200 characters under labels for each entry.
Why doesn´t the new Blogger interface tell you this clearly, instead of the annoying bX messages?
Hopefully everything will now work and I think I shall not move over to the new Blogger interface.

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