Lunch in the city of hills, and it´s not Rome

The port town of Valparaiso in Chile is not Rome but, it does have a few hills or "cerros", forty-two of them, and is built in the form of an amphitheatre. Walking around the city today, you can imagine what it would have been like when it was one of the most important ports in Latin America. The architecture of the colourful houses perched in the different hills is picturesque and so is the way of getting to the top of the hills, which is by way of very old funiculars. The town has been home to the Chilean poet and Nobel Prize winner Pablo Neruda and to Roberto Ampuero, the creator of the fictional private eye Cayetano Brulé, who I have no doubt must have had lunch in the Restaurant Bote Salvavidas, translated as lifeboatwhere you can have some great fish whilst contemplating the port of Valparaiso and the Pacific Ocean beyond.


Port of Valparaiso

Bay of Valparaiso

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