Six ways to deal with pushy street vendors

I recently tweeted the link to the above article that appeared in Frommer’s . I would advise a seventh way, but only for the most adventorous. The first time, I travelled to Egypt, I went with a friend of mine. We were standing by the Great Pyramid of Giza and in an instant were approached by a vendor selling postcards. My friend, who is not easily intimidated, engaged the vendor and began to haggle. After a few minutes, I watched the expression of surprise in the face of the vendor. My friend had in his possession most of the postcards that the vendor intended to sell and he did this without parting with any of his money. In fact, he actually got some money from the vendor!.
In the end, he gave the vendor back the postcards and his money and, no, my friend is not a second hand car dealer.
True story.
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