Today, we shall travel to the city of Trujillo in the province of Cáceres in the region of Extremadura. Although the history of Trujillo can be traced back to around 600 BC, the village begins to expand during the period that the Arabs occupied the city, between 714 and 1232 AD, and built the castle and the walls. But, Trujillo is today mostly known as the birthplace of many of the "conquistadores" that travelled to the newly discovered continent of America. The names of Pizarro and Orellana will always be associated to Peru and the Amazon river respectively. As can be expected, Pizarro is remembered throughout the city. The Parador is housed in what used to be the Convent of Santa Clara. It was founded in 1533 and continued as such until 1984. In fact there are still a number of convents in the city, where you can buy sweets and pastries baked by the nuns. The Parador, retains the sobriety of the original convent and the rooms are built from what were the original rooms of the nuns. Breakfast is served in what used to be the chapel and it makes for an amazing start for the day. More information at Paradores Nacionales . Not far from Trujillo you can also visit the natural park of Monfragüe.

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