You can´t have your cake and eat it...unless you are Ferrán Adriá

The acclaimed Spanish chef Ferrán Adriá attained worldwide notoriety by using in his restaurant
El Bulli, what is known as molecular gastronomy or - for the rest of us - the application of scientific principles to cooking. In 2011, Adriá, decided to close the 3-star Michelin El Bulli., which since 2002 had been voted Best Restaurant in the World on five occasions and open El Bulli Foundation, to carry out investigations into the creative process in gastronomy.  
If you are familiar with hot gelatin, spherical ravioli and deconstructed Spanish omelett you know what I mean. If you are not, help is at hand from the master himself, by visiting his roving exhibition, Auditing Creative Processes, that first showed last year in Madrid, and has just left Lima (Peru). The exhibit is a documented journey through the history of El Bulli and its evolution from restaurant to think tank. Adriá closed his restaurant and is still considered by some to be the best chef in the world, thus the title of this post.
Just in case the exhibition does not come to your city, I leave you with a few pics and videos.

Tools of the trade

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