Stand in Piccadilly and meet everyone you know

It used to be said that if you stood long enough in Piccadilly Circus you would eventually meet everyone you knew. I am not quite sure whether that is still the case today with all those thousands of "friends" that suddenly appear in Facebook. What is the case, though, is that London continues to be a great place to enjoy things from all over the world. A few of the things we enjoyed during our last trip:
- Delicious Japanese sweets at Minamoto Kitchoan. I try and visit on every trip. Besides the sweets, just looking how they gift wrap is an experience akin to a tea ceremony.
- Dim Sum in Chinatown. Service in the many restaurants in Chinatown can sometimes be erratic. We ate at the Golden Pagoda in Gerrard Street. Another option is CCK in Rupert Street.
- Coffee at Amalfi. A classic in Soho since 1963. There was a time when it was one of the few places in London where you could get a decent espresso or cappuccino!.
- An oriental dinner at Bam Bou in buzzing Fitzrovia.
- A visit to the Tate Modern and to the British Museum.
- Strolling along the many parks to be found in London, with Regent´s Park being a personal favourite.
More to follow!!!

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