Lunch in Lima with a Nobel Prize in Literature

Well...not quite. Although it would have been great to share a table and conversation with Mario Vargas Llosa, the closer I came was to have lunch at a new restaurant called La Pescadería , which is located in the district of Barranco where Vargas Llosa has his home. The name of the restaurant literally means "the fishmongers" and not only can you eat there but also buy fish from a small shop at the entrance. The menu is obviously mainly fish and is quite varied. After lunch, what better way to walk off those extra kilos, than a stroll around Barranco where you can walk on the "bridge of the sighs" made famous by the folk singer Chabuca Granda, who is remembered by a statue next to it, and take in the impressive views of the Pacific.
(Since writing this post, the restaurant La Pescaderia changed owners and closed in Barranco.)

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